What Meditation Teaches You

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What Meditation Teaches You

What Meditation Teaches YouAs you become more consistent with your meditation practice, you gain deeper insights into the truest version of yourself. This self-reflection can then become a discovery process that will guide you along your path towards self-contentment and well-being.

  1. Your meditation practice teaches you to become more aware of your thoughts as you learn how to release them and to restore a calm mind and remain in the present. You become able to mindfully observe the flow of your thoughts without reacting or applying problem-solving strategies. The awareness lesson teaches a deep knowledge of yourself so that you can become the best version of you.
  2. During your meditation practice, as you take time to simply sit and be gentle with yourself, you find kindness, compassion, acceptance and faith in yourself. Gradually, you allow yourself to be a little more vulnerable to the natural change which is the essence of life. And through this gentleness lesson you gain faith and resilience to help you bounce back when life’s challenges threaten to overwhelm you.
  3. In meditation, as you witness your thoughts and then let them go, you choose what is nourishing for your practice and remove the obstacles. You focus your awareness where you want it to go, and develop your inner experience of being balanced. And through this lesson of choice you learn to recognize and remove obstacles during your meditation practice, and also from your life.

Meditation teaches that a gentle mind, focused with mindful choice, promotes a calm awareness which is the foundation of happiness and well-being in the present moment.

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