The Practice of Gratitude

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The Practice of Gratitude |Kathline Colvin, Ph.D.

The Practice of Gratitude |Kathline Colvin, Ph.D.The practice of gratitude goes way beyond the common courtesy of saying “thank you “ – it’s not just something you say for the other person’s benefit. In fact, developing an attitude of gratitude has immense power to affect your emotions and change the way you feel. We’re often instructed to be grateful for the things we have even if they’re not really what we want. If we consider gratitude from another perspective, and see it for what it can be – a powerful mood lifter and life changer. Meditations on gratitude can help you focus on and feel your hearts immense positive energy.

The truth about gratitude is that it uplifts and opens up your way of thinking. It can restore a sense of appreciation and optimism, energize your spirit, and renew your perspective. When you take the time to really feel gratitude, even for the difficult lessons following from the challenges you face in life, your outlook can shift and energize you to find solutions. The practice of gratitude helps you find potential and beauty in all things.

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