The Golden Moment – Mindfulness in Action

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Mindfulness In Action

Mindfulness In ActionHave you noticed in your meditation sessions that you are both distracted by and absorbed in thought? Well that’s the point – meditation and mindfulness practices are about teaching our minds to switch focus, because our minds are always processing and thinking. When we realize that we are not actually meditating on our breathing, we gently bring ourselves back to our focal point. This purposeful change of focus is the moment that teaches us mindfulness. Each moment of noticing is a golden moment, because every time you notice yourself thinking something you have the opportunity to be mindful of that thought, and then redirect yourself back to the calming breath. The useful task of noticing your thoughts and mindfully redirecting them becomes a skill that can improve your everyday experiences. For example, during your day try to pull yourself back to the task at hand-the one you really want to be working on, rather that impulsively giving into attractive distractions. Your ability to notice and then redirect your thoughts strengthens and trains your brain – mindfulness in action! And this is the reason that mindfulness meditation is considered such a powerful tool. In fact, research shows that mindfulness meditation actually promotes growth of the prefrontal cortex and makes it better connected with the areas of the brain associated with attention and concentration. And so, if you’re not yet meditating, I encourage you to embrace a daily practice and celebrate your process of mindfulness in action.

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