Pacifica Psychological Services

“Dr. Colvin’s outstanding experience and professionalism speak for themselves, but it is her great heart that really makes her special. As a young adult, I’m grateful for her ability to help me learn to be honest with myself, clarify my life goals, and focus on my education. I trust her because I know that she truly cares about me.” – S.D.

“I will always be very grateful to Dr. Colvin for her kindness and the exceptional therapy she provided. Over the course of our work together she gained my trust and I felt comfortable, as she guided me step by step in my healing process. I now sleep well every night, do yoga three times a week, and finally my anxiety had gone away.” – A.K.

“My son has been struggling for years with overlapping difficulties of ADHD and Anxiety. We have been helped immensely by Dr. Colvin as she offered very helpful strategies for coping with issues both at home and school. She tested and diagnosed my son, and then worked closely with his pediatrician and his school to identify interventions to help him feel comfortable again. I am so appreciative of all that she does to help my son, who now approaches school with a hopeful attitude, and knows that we can “figure things” out by talking carefully to one another. Many thanks to Dr. Colvin for showing us how to approach our lives with care and understanding.” – R.F.

“My son has been a patient of Dr. Colvin for several years. Her exceptional skill, both in Psychological Testing and Psychotherapy have remarkably changed his life. She diagnosed his learning disabilities and helped us and his school get his needs addressed. She also referred us to a school more suited to responding to my son’s learning issues. He finally goes to school every day without complaint, does his homework, has made a group of like-minded friends, and is satisfied that this school “gets him”. Most importantly my son enjoys his time with Dr. Colvin,and she has been very helpful teaching him how to deal with all the issues in his life – he says he goes to talk with her because she helps him figure everything out.” – C.K.

“My husband and I are so grateful to have Dr. Colvin in our lives. She is a remarkably effective therapist, who guides you by offering different perspectives and strategies for dealing with your particular life challenges. She is sensitive and empathic when considering the hard questions, and has empowered us by building a deep relationship of trust. She is brilliant and kind – and most importantly you look forward to seeing her at your next session.” – T.B.

“I will never be able to thank Dr. Colvin enough for all that she has done for me. I can only hope that whoever reads this will choose her so that they too can realize what a special gift she is able to bestow.” – S.B.

“Dr. Colvin is a calm, confident and talented psychologist who has helped me immensely, and I am so thankful for all that she has done for me. Her comforting style of therapy allowed me to be open and honest about my life struggles, and she has provided tools that I use on a daily basis, and will continue to practice long after I end therapy. She has guided me through and helped me understand the effects of a painful childhood; the break-up on a long term relationship and rebuilding my life; and encouraged me through the achievement of my doctorate. She has helped me to heal and experience significant growth both in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Dr. Colvin to help address and improve your emotional and psychological well-being.” – T.H.

“Dr. Colvin is a very caring and extremely knowledgeable psychologist, and I am very grateful to have her in my life. I’ve battled with anxiety, panic attacks and depression on and off for about 18 years. I talked to my general practitioner who put me on medication to help me cope with my anxiety, and although the medication worked well it didn’t deal with the root of my problems. I realized that I needed a therapist to help me find ways to better cope with my life, and Dr. Colvin has helped me tremendously! She has offered me many effective strategies for dealing with my life stressors, and made me feel cared about in the process of therapy since she always remembers the small details and is always ready to help.” – T.S.

“I do so appreciate the insightful counseling Dr. Colvin has provided for me over the past several years. Her compassionate, yet common sense approach to problems is invaluable to me. I have a husband with a chronic illness and caring for him, as well as for my pre-adolescent son brings daily stress into my life. Dr. Colvin helps me clarify my priorities and feel less overwhelmed, as we together discover how to problem-solve the daily issues that must be addressed. I am so fortunate to have Dr. Colvin in my life.” – C.K.

“I have consistently benefitted from Dr. Colvin’s effective, holistic plan for my therapy, and consider myself so fortunate to have her as my psychologist. She guided me towards helpful healing strategies in complement to my psychotherapy work. I’ve made Yoga and Meditation a part of my daily experience, and have found those practices to have a remarkably soothing influence on anxiety and stress. And along with applying more healthy eating and exercise practices, individually designed for my needs, I have become a much more content and happy person. – C.J.

“Dr. Colvin is very skilled and sensitive in devising helpful strategies for my daughter to understand and manage her many anxieties. She has suffered for several years with social anxiety, and although she is quite intelligent and does well academically, she hasn’t liked going to school recently. Dr. Colvin was able to help immediately and effectively, bringing my daughter and our family much needed solutions. We sincerely appreciate her help. – W.S.

“Dr. Colvin has amply displayed her extensive talents. She is extraordinary in every way – an articulate, compassionate professional who is held in the highest regard by her colleagues.”
Karin Newlin | Los Feliz Charter Arts School

“Dr. Colvin is always enthusiastic and sensitive about her work, reflective about the special responsibilities for the patients in her care, and committed to providing the highest standard of clinical service for them and their families.”
Bonnie J. Olsen, Ph.D. | University of California, Irvine

“You would have a very difficult time indeed, locating a psychologist whose professional skills, intelligence, and dedication, match or exceed hers.”
Raymond Trybus, Ph.D. | California School of Professional Psychology

“Dr. Colvin provides an exceptional mixture of knowledge and expertise. Her artistic experience enriches her perspective about human emotions.”
Leland van den Daele, Ph.D. | California Institute of Integral Studies

“Dr. Colvin is a devoted and caring clinician. Her keen intellectual prowess and rich personal background fortifies her ability to understand her patients deeply.”
Steve Martino, Ph.D. | Yale Psychiatric Institute

“Dr. Colvin is exceptionally knowledgeable, sophisticated, and sensitive in psychological testing.”
Beverly Goodman, M.D. | Cornell University Medical College

“Dr. Colvin is a thoughtful, articulate, talented psychologist. I have been consistently impressed with her sensitivity to her patient’s inner struggles, her ability to discover their strengths, and her commitment to a search for the truth. Dr. Colvin genuinely cares about her patients, and her concern for their welfare readily evolves into an atmosphere of trust and safety, thus facilitating the most effective therapeutic work. I trust you will come to regard her as highly as I do.”
– John Kolligian, Jr., Ph.D. | Columbia University

“Dr. Colvin is one of the most excellent instructors you may ever encounter. She is committed to achieving the highest standards while truly caring for her students, directing them towards meaningful critical inquiry and sponsoring the enthusiasm necessary for engaging in the learning process. She is a highly intelligent, caring, dedicated colleague who has made a special contribution to our department, and is held in the highest regard by her colleagues and students alike. It was my pleasure to witness her work.”
Patricia K. Flanigan, Ed.D., Dean of Social & Behavioral Sciences | Saddleback College

“I found Dr. Colvin to be an extremely intelligent, compassionate, conscientious colleague with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both Psychological Testing and Counseling Services. She is very effective in deriving useful accommodations for every student from her test data, and works very closely with teachers and parents to insure success in every aspect of each child’s education. Dr. Colvin demonstrated the highest level of professional and personal integrity, and I have thoroughly enjoyed knowing her and working with her.”
David B. Whitcher, Ph.D., Principal | Saddleback Valley Unified School District

Healthy Artists

“Dr. Colvin has combined a very successful career as a performing artist with her exceptional talents as a clinical psychologist, offering her artist clients a unique and special opportunity for reflection, understanding and guidance. As artists the particular way we live our lives determines our well being, professional success and happiness, and the “mirror” that Dr. Colvin provides is one that few psychologists are able to offer. I invited Dr. Colvin to be a guest speaker on several occasions at The Artist’s Salon in Laguna Beach, CA, because of her outstanding skills, ease as a presenter, enjoyment of her audience and their enjoyment of her.” — L.R., Fine Artist

“I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Colvin, since she has a thorough understanding of what’s it takes to be a healthy performing artist, and is able to translate her knowledge and experience into useful solutions for my particular needs. She is a creative, compassionate, talented therapist who knows how to support my efforts in realizing my artistic potential even though the demands of performance can be overwhelming at times. Dr. Colvin has my most sincere thanks for all that she has done on my behalf.” —S.M.

“Dr. Colvin provides an exceptional mixture of knowledge and expertise. Her artistic experience enriches her perspective about human emotions.”
Leland van den Daele, Ph.D., California Institute of Integral Studies

“Congratulations to Dr. Kathline Colvin’s engaging Santa Fe (Creativity & Madness) conference presentation “Mindfulness: Healthy Approaches in the Training of Performing Artists”, in which she pointed out that artists are highly-sensitive people who may be easily over-stimulated and overwhelmed. Self-soothing techniques for coping with over-arousal help the performer reach harmonious success, as Colvin pointed out in the words of Stephen Sondheim “to get the thing that makes it worth the journeying”. —Creativity & Madness Conference Facebook Post

“Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation on helping the performance artist work through anxiety. Your knowledge, insight and clarity in expressing your experience with artists were deeply appreciated by the members of our audience. We received many accolades about how beautifully you expressed yourself and how enjoyable your presentation was.” —Barry M. Panter, MD, Director, Creativity & Madness Conference

“I owe so much to Dr. Colvin as she has made it possible for me to heal anxiety and depression, and find my strength and creativity to shine in my performances and auditions. I am now training for a professional career in the theater, and believing in myself in ways I never thought possible. My success is due to the self-confidence and self-compassion I learned during my therapy with Dr. Colvin. She offered me hope that I could change, and strategies that would bring me success both as a young performer and young woman with many dreams, I deeply value everything Dr. Colvin provided for me and am so grateful to her.” —S.S.

“Dr. Colvin’s workshop series was masterful in illustrating the many connections between a healthy personality and a successful career as an artist. She approaches the material from the advantage of being an artist and a psychologist herself, and knows deeply what it takes to achieve as a creative person. She provided very useful tools and strategies to guide me in my development as a healthy artist, and I am so thankful for all her help.” –M.C.

“My attitude and feelings have been completely reset. The workshop was a special gift…. I feel my core creativity has been reignited, and I know that I can face any challenge with trust and optimism. Thank you Dr. Colvin for helping me to again align with my dream.” –G.J.