Let Yourself Shine

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Alessa Rogers as Juliette
Alessa Rogers as Juliette

Alessa Rogers as Juliette. Photo by Charlie McCullers

As artists we continually struggle to grow and perfect our art, yet harsh self-criticism most always detracts from positive goals. Putting yourself up will endear you to others engaged in similar struggles, and help you find more productive ways to cope with the difficult path of making art anew each day. With self-confidence creativity can be a joyful, personally enriching endeavor and worth every moment that you strive to express your art. Alessa Rogers, a dancer at the Atlanta Ballet has written a sensitive and lovely letter to dancers who struggle with self-loathing, and promised them that they are not alone. She encourages dancers “Don’t define yourself by what you can’t do. Yes, work on your weaknesses, but work on your strengths more. Whatever is special about you, grab hold of that thing and own it”.

Read Alessa’s letter, published in Dance Magazine by clicking HERE

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