The Power Of Art To Shape the Mind, As Well As To Be Shaped By It


“Sunflowers of Provence” by Kathline Colvin

Healthy Artists was founded by Dr. Kathline Colvin with the purpose of promoting and nurturing the highest quality of care for all creative and performing artists.

Dr. Colvin is realizing her vision in developing a framework of integrated mind-body wellness and artistic practices, which can then serve as catalysts for successful creative productivity. Healthy Artists is based on the philosophy evolved from the field of Performing Arts Medicine dedicated to the wellness, health care, proper training and safety of the artist. Dr. Colvin continues to involve a strong support network of highly specialized practitioners and educators to continue the dialogue, and connect with the creative and performing arts communities, in order to design and deliver services and programs to enhance understanding of the special needs of artists involved in the creative effort.

Healthy Artists will continue to evolve as an organization comprised of caring, specialized experts who can partner with artists, schools, and arts organizations, to offer high quality, cost effective services and programs for artists and those who support the creative process. In an endeavor to offer exceptional and individualized services to artists as they address the many demands facing them in their daily lives, Healthy Artists provides extensive opportunities for artists to consider the challenges facing them as they strive to excel in their art.

We invite you to explore our services for Healthy Artists and contact us to inquire about our work and how we might assist you.