Happiness Emerges

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Happiness is a State of Mind

We all seem to still be searching for that essential ingredient to promote happiness. Yet the formula for a happy life is not really a secret anymore. Happiness is a state of mind, and as such it comes and goes much like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves caressing the shore. But continuing with our often habitual ways – you know the ones – complaining, arguing with our family, devising ways to appear better than others, shopping for nicer clothes, oh and don’t forget, shouting at the idiot drivers on the road that can’t even hear us – these are not ways to cultivate happiness. But as humans we all tend towards some of these negative behaviors.


If you’re trying to chase after material things you don’t really need – a new house or car, a new job with more status, or a new business that might afford you more personal freedom, or attract more followers on social media and more influential friends, and travel to adventures in far off lands. Everything has its trade-off. Be grateful for everything you have – it’s enough. Why? Because it’s already yours!

Gratitude Promotes Love

Actually the list of human wants isn’t really very long and most of us want the same things. Why isn’t something that sounds so simple be so simple in its daily effort? One issue that gets in our way is being ungrateful. And that sponsors complaining and negativity. But gratitude is what you’re searching for, and gratitude promotes love, contentment, and happiness. And then you do have it all, because when you’re grateful you feel better, and a better life comes your way. Good things do come to those who appreciate what they have, because when you’re thankful for what you have you could end up having more.

Gratitude Shapes your Philosophy of Life

Cultivating gratitude for life and all that you have indelibly shapes who you are and your philosophy of life. It changes your perspective of the world. Every day is a precious gift. Yet there’s a price you will pay for choosing to live your life in this certain positive way.  Others won’t share your ideas and values, and you will struggle with conversation and shared experiences. It’s much better to find people who share your values rather than to try to inspire them to change for the better – the quality of your happiness is at stake if you let ungrateful people into your world.  So release those ties and step away so they don’t drag you down.

Live with Abundant Appreciation

Life is beautiful – live it mindfully!  Really see the sunset as it splashes watercolor hues across the sky, savor your food as a gourmet delight, cuddle your pet as a valued companion, appreciate the people who come in and out of your life making it better, and learn more about the human experience. Remember to say thank you to everyone – no matter how little others may do for you, acknowledge them with abundant appreciation.

Choose Love!

Most importantly, appreciate where you are in life right now – you’re alive! And that my dear friends is the most spectacular experience. In my many years as a psychologist I’ve seen the impact of nurturing gratitude to change the quality of our lives. This IS the secret! And my gift to you. Cherish it and be grateful for the knowledge. Always – Choose Love!

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