Daily Signs of Emotional Wellness

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Daily Signs of Emotional Wellness

Daily Signs of Emotional Wellness

Have you ever wondered what it really means to be emotionally healthy? Do you wonder how your psychological well being compares to others around you? Are you concerned that your problems are so much worse than what others are dealing with? We all wonder from time to time how we’re doing at life? So let’s consider how to live life well and look at the daily signs of emotional wellness.

7 Signs of Emotionally Well People

Psychologists have described 7 signs, usually seen daily, in people who are emotionally healthy. Most of us will continue to cultivate these qualities throughout our life, as opposed to ever reaching a point where we stop and say, “Okay, I’m fine now – I’m an emotionally well person.”

1. You treat others well

Viewing other people with compassion and treating them with kindness indicate that you’re an emotionally well person – this is described as prosocial behavior. It means you tend to be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, and you think it’s important to help others. It’s basically the idea that you’ll lend a hand to someone in need –or you’ll smile and making friendly conversation with the person standing next to you in line.

2. You like who you are

When you’re emotionally healthy, you generally feel pretty good about who you are. You know yourself – both quirks and strengths – and you like who you are. You’re also congruent, meaning that the person you show to the outside world is reflective of who you are on the inside. While there are situations where you naturally shift your attitude or behavior a bit depending on the social situation, congruence means your overall sense of who you are feels in line with what you show others. It’s the opposite of feeling like you have to wear a mask or pretend to be someone you’re not – Instead, you’re able to be genuine.

3. You’re flexible

People who are emotionally well have an ability to adapt to all kinds of life situations. You’re able to assess a situation mindfully – you notice your surroundings, your emotions and other’s reactions to a given situation – and then you decide what is the best course of action. Sometimes you need to talk things out, and sometimes it’s best to let a situation cool off. You stand up for yourself when appropriate, but you’re also able to let things go. You approach life and relationships with an openness and sense of curiosity, knowing that you might need to adjust your course of action when one strategy isn’t working. Flexibility is a core component in the life of an emotionally well person, because it helps you make choices that will serve you well in life.

4. You hold gratitude for your loved ones

If you’re emotionally well person, you’re able to easily feel and show gratitude for the people and gifts in your life. Holding gratitude is a way of purposefully looking at your life with a sense of appreciation for what you have. Research has shown us that counting your blessings has strong benefits for emotional well-being.

Showing appreciation for your loved ones is a key factor in an emotionally healthy relationship When you show gratitude the people you love know you love them and feel valued by you. You give hugs, warmth, appreciation and attention freely, and you share in your triumphs together. Emotionally healthy people also develop and rely on supportive social networks. We all need nurturing, loving environments in which to thrive. This means you have people you can depend on, friends and family who have your best interests at heart. In your relationships, you feel safe to express how you feel and you feel respected and validated by those closest to you.

5. You’re in touch with your emotions

Another sign of emotional wellness is that you embrace the full range your emotions as a natural and normal part of life. You acknowledge, understand and manage your difficult emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them. You know it’s normal to have periods of stress, so you express yourself appropriately when you feel upset, and you know where you can go to get comfort or help. Your feelings of sadness, anxiety and fears – while acknowledged – also aren’t getting in the way of what you love to do. Emotional health comes from being able to label, acknowledge and accept tough emotions, and to cope with them without getting stuck. At the same time, savoring your positive emotions – reveling in those moments of pleasure, happiness and joy when they come your way – is also a hallmark of an emotionally healthy person.

6. You have meaning in your life

Having a purposeful life is about having and developing a passion that gives meaning in your life. This happens when you use your strengths to develop something you believe in and engage in your project whole-heartedly. Regardless of the cause, being part of something you connect with and deeply care about brings a special meaning to your life – a practice that is largely associated with emotional healthy people.

7. You value experiences more than possessions

And the last sign of emotional wellness is considering the kind of values you have in life. People who tend to highly value attaining wealth, popularity, or attractiveness tend to be less emotionally healthy than people that value self-fulfillment, empathy and their community of family and friends. Of course it’s healthy to set goals for career and financial security, but you also highly value time with your family and friends. Additionally, people with high levels of emotional well-being tend to spend their money on experiences, like going to a concert, or going on a trip with family and friends. Experiences may ultimately be more meaningful than possessions because they involve shared experiences and bonding with people, and allow you revel in the beauty of the world and cultivate the positive emotions that come with new experiences.

So the mystery is now revealed – it is possible continue developing and to become an emotionally healthy person. These 7 signs or personality characteristics are not elusive, vague or daunting – you just need to practice them and they will become part of who you are – an emotionally well person!

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